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Ker Wallwork (b.1986, London) is a London based artist with a multi-disciplinary practice spanning moving-image, drawing, text and sculpture. The work is about language, queerness, sickness and the welfare state, and is broadly concerned with miscommunication. They have worked with writers, scientists, academics and actors to develop work that explores materiality in relation to specific social and historic contexts. 


Their current work is focused on the impact of a decade of austerity as a form of ongoing, bureaucratised violence, particularly in relation to reforms of the benefit system for sick and disabled people, using their focus to explore the value and limits of symbolic acts of resistance and solidarity within an increasingly unequal political system.


Recent exhibitions include Distant Peak, (Peak, London, 2020) Playing Houses, Flat Time House TV, (FTHo,London, 2019), Disentangle: Doing Science in a Gendered World (LifeSpace, University of Dundee, 2019), and in collaboration with Juliet Jacques Transitional States (Lincoln, London, Barcelona and Bologna, 2018) and Queering Love, Queering Hormones (BFI Flare Festival, London 2017)


Still from Contact (2020)

Ker Wallwork.png

Installation view from Accidental Platform: Oscilations at Wells Projects, 2020

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