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Toilet Roll Swans (2019)

Toilet roll and acrylic


Sally Hackett is an artist and educator living and working inGlasgow. Sally makes sculpture with a range of materials of widely different shelf lives and sell by dates from glazed ceramics to peanuts, garlic husks and toilet rolls. Spurred by intuitive making, her work is predominantly centred around emotion and mental states. Characters appear showing stories of social intricacies, heartbreak and human failure but with a playful aesthetic of bright colours and cartoon faces. Her work aims to simultaneously express both joy and pain. Sally's interest in pedagogy often sees her working directly with community groups and children to create works collaboratively or facilitates others in their act of creating.

Recent exhibitions include 'Toilet is a wishing well' Generator Projects (2020) 'A Weakness for Raisins' CCA, Glasgow (2018) 'From Glasgow Women's Library' (2018) and 'The Fountain of Youth', Edinburgh Art Festival (2016)


Bread Sculpture 4, 2020

Bread, plastic bag, paper


Couples arguing, 2018

75 x 35 x 35 cm

Glazed ceramic

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