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fertile laziness10601.jpg

Baller (2020)
UV print on Chrome Alu Di bond

100 x 60cm


Tian Mu (b.1985, China) lives and works in Shanghai. His recent projects include a solo exhibition at Hive Centre for Contemporary Art (2019); a solo exhibition at Dirty House, London (2019), and a residency program at ZK/U Berlin (2019).


Tian Mu's practice spans paintings, sculptures, videos and installations, with advanced technological methods of production such as 3D rendering/scanning, biological and commodity forms. He probes the limits of human body and the material world to interrogate the unforeseen vulnerabilities brought on by technology. His work examines the embodiment of human projection and spiritual characteristics. Questioning how person to machine exchanges reflect the contemporary human condition. Perhaps humankind replaced by animals, and technological animism is taken on the mystical and the superstitious. and this cycles of creation, extinction, rebuild guides the future production.


Solo shows include Killing All On Board, Dirty House, London; Party Of The Redundant, Hive Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing  (2019). Other recent shows (2020) include Sci-Fi Story, NAFI2020, Nanjing; Bazaar Flowers & Birds 2020, Imagokinetics, Hangzhou; Online Art Loop, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2020, Beijing; Tank Art Festival, 36 Rooms, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai; Our Ashes Make Great Fertiliser, PUBLIC Gallery, London; SURE INN, 2020 Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama; Being of Evils, Hive Center For Contemporary Art, Beijing

Fully Equipped 2019  ABS Plastic, Stovin

Fully Equipped, 2019  

ABS Plastic, Stoving Varnish, Spray Paint on Aluminum, Fishing Hook, Fishing Wire, Glow Material, Hair Size Variable

Killing ALL On Board.JPG

Killing All on Board, 2019

Size variable

Scaffolding, iron hooks, iron chains, resin, snake skins, knee pads, shark's mouth, single channel video

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