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Outside with Passengers (2021)

Oil on board, oil on aluminium
63 x 81 x 5cm


Tristan Pigott (b.1990) is interested in how our gaze is constantly shifting between the physical world and the digital. He tries to replicate this feeling by using a figurative-illusionistic language as a way of compensating for the disembodiment and dematerialisation caused by digital technology.

A sense of bewilderment caused by excess of meaning allows painting to continue despite technological advancements, as well as its ability to continuously absorb all aspects of life. By layering up art historical references and contemporary events, he tries to open an allegorical space in order to involve the viewer and their subjectivity. These paintings often give agency to objects, situating them alongside human counterparts.


Selected Exhibitions: ‘Behind Tired Eyes’, Alice Black Gallery, London (2020) ‘Slippery Gaze’, Alice Black Gallery, London (2019). ‘Juicy Bits’, Cob Gallery, London (2017)

Swallowing Caterpillars oil on board.jpe

Swallowing Caterpillars, 2020

39.5 x48 cm

Oil on board

She wore a Yellow Ribbon oil on board 42

She wore a yellow ribbon, 2020

42 x 53 cm

Oil on board

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